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Farm Credit Services Of America
(605) 996-2774
401 Cabela Dr
Mitchell, SD
Money Station
(605) 996-7209
110 E 1st Ave
Mitchell, SD
Journey Mortgage of Mitchell
(605) 996-1102
115 E Havens Ave Ste 100
Mitchell, SD
Mitchell Area Federal Credit Union
(605) 996-4431
301 S Ohlman St Ste 1
Mitchell, SD
Cortrust Bank
(605) 996-5910
719 N Main St
Mitchell, SD
First Dakota National Bank
(605) 996-3364
1712 N Main St
Mitchell, SD
Bankwest Insurance
(605) 995-6745
2100 Highland Way
Mitchell, SD
EZ Payday Advance
(605) 990-3500
905 E Spruce St
Mitchell, SD
Palace City Federal Credit Union
(605) 996-9211
720 W Havens Ave
Mitchell, SD
Gentry Finance Corporation
(605) 995-0400
1307 N Main St Ste A
Mitchell, SD

What is an Unsecured Small Business Loan?

An unsecured small business loan is a loan you

get to fund a portion of your business that does not require collateral.  Secured loans are those that take a home or an asset as collateral in case the loan is defaulted on where an unsecured asset does not require collateral.  There are pros and cons regarding unsecured business loans and I'll examine them in detail.

It sounds like a great deal, you get a loan to fund your business and they don't require any collateral.  Hold up, there are some factors that go into these business loans one should consider.

Unsecured small business loans are riskier for the lenders.   Because there isn't any collateral there a lender has no way to ensure the loan will be paid.  Essentially, an unsecured loan is a good faith loan where the lender gives you money in exchange for your word.  Because it is a riskier loan, the loan amounts are smaller and the interest rates are higher .

Funding a small business can be an expensive project so you may need more than what an unsecured small business loan can offer.  The largest unsecured small business loan offer we've seen is $100,000 but I would imagine the interest rate with this large of an unsecured small business loan would would be very high.

Because these loans are unsecured therefore without collateral the interest rates are higher than a standard secured loan .  The riskier the loan the higher the interest...

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