Skateboard Athens GA

Looking for Skateboard in Athens? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Athens that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Skateboard in Athens.

Academy Sports & Outdoors
(706) 354-5620
3505 Atlanta Hwy
Athens, GA
American Eagle Outfitters
(706) 613-1441
3700 Atlanta Hwy
Athens, GA
Bulldog Sporting Goods
(706) 546-0618
1068 Baxter St
Athens, GA
(706) 354-5620
3505 Atlanta Highway (at Timothy Rd)
Athens, GA
Gibson's George Men's Wear
(706) 548-4663
1059 Baxter St
Athens, GA
Flying Squirrel Outfitters
(706) 546-0220
1365 Prince Ave
Athens, GA
College Station
(706) 354-1399
3700 Atlanta Hwy
Athens, GA
IV Seasons Fashions
(706) 543-2530
1737 1/2 S Lumpkin St
Athens, GA
(706) 433-0652
191 Alps Rd Ste 13A
Athens, GA
Hibbett Sports
(706) 353-0696
Athens, GA

How to Build a Skateboard?

To build your own Skateboard is not a difficult task

if you use the right tools and techniques for it. The various tools needed for building a Skateboard can be easily obtained from around the house or can be purchased easily.

The general method involved in the construction of a skateboard involves: -
(1) Preparing the board by Marking the nose and tail on the skate decks. Nose will be longer than the two.
(2) Applying the Grip-Tape evenly on the board with an adhesive that becomes permanent with pressure. The Grip-Tape will be larger than the board and don’t allow air bubbles to enter into it.
(3) Trimming the Grip-Tape by using the scrap pieces to sand and smooth the edges of the board.
(4) Attaching the Trucks is one of the trickiest steps. Make holes through Grip-Tape, Board, and the Trucks and than put bolts into the board and than screw it. The size of the Truck can vary and this will in turn determine the size of the wheels to be placed in a Skateboard.
(5) Put the bearings at the wheels and than attach them to the trucks. The Skateboard wheels are available in a variety of colors, sizes (diameter) and degree of hardness (durameter). The wheels which are having softer bushings are easier to turn.
(6) Finally adjusting the trucks using the kingpin.

Now Skateboard is ready to use for enjoying the thrilling experience of skating.


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