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Barnette Milton Wayne & Brenda
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2476 County Road 1422
Cullman, AL
Horizon Contracting
(256) 775-7779
305 County Road 1295
Cullman, AL
Craft Roofing
(256) 796-6238
5404 Al Highway 69 N
Cullman, AL
Brown Construction & Concrete
(256) 636-3292
84 County Road 402
Cullman, AL
Bama Mountain View Construction, LLC
(866) 724-9749
115 Oh Murphree Rd
Blountsville, AL
Gulf States Roofing
(256) 734-2306
1628 Town Sq SW
Cullman, AL
A-1 Metal Roofing Co
(256) 739-6524
Serving Birmingham
Cullman, AL
C Woods Roofing
(256) 739-6936
66 Stricklin Rd
Cullman, AL
Budget Roofing & Construction
(256) 352-2300
2143 County Road 565
Hanceville, AL
Bullard Jerry
(205) 429-2771
79461 US Highway 278
Blountsville, AL

What are the pros and cons of Metal Roofing?

There is nothing more beautiful than the modern metal roof .

Gone are the days of rusty rivulets and thin tin noise-makers. Newer technologies and finishes have worked together to create a metal roof worth having.

Metal roofing is incredibly durable , far outlasting traditional asphalt shingle roofing, and metal roofing is available in a wide variety of styles, from metal tiles to vertical panels to shingle and slate appearances. Metal roofing is incredibly strong without adding burdensome weight to the roof supports.

Since metal roofing is so versatile and easy to manipulate, it can easily be found in colors and textures to fit most any home style and taste. It is also considered a green roofing materia l as its durability removes the need for frequent replacement and maintenance, and since it is metal, can be easily recycled when it comes time for a new roof.

One draw back to metal roofing is its high cost , easily exceeding other more conventional roofing materials, but considering all of the long term benefits of metal roofing , it makes for a tremendous investment over the life of a home.


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What are the pros and cons of Slate Tile Roofing?

There is nothing more enchanting than the natural beauty of stone ,

as evidenced by its integration into home improvement products. One area of the home that has benefited from this natural wonder is the roof, with the introduction of slate tile roofing.

Seen most often in more fashionable and expensive homes, slate tile roofing is growing in popularity thanks to its high durability and resistance to insect damage, fire, and decay. Slate tile roofing, much like the slate floor tiling, has a notably long lifespan , making it a great investment over a long period. Its natural tones lend themselves well to the surrounding landscape, offering a more organic feel and look to the overall property.

The drawbacks to slate tile roofing begin with its high price tag, which makes it less accessible to families on a budget. Slate tile roofing is also very similar to clay tile roofing in that it is easily broken and is extremely heavy, requiring professional installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as additional support installation if moving from an asphalt roof to a slate one.


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What does a Roofing Contractor do?

If a roof is part of what makes a house a home, then

a Roofing Contractor is what makes that home worth living in.  A roof does more than hold together the walls of our home; it protects us from the extremes that mother nature can produce.  If the roof fails, then so does the integrity of the home, which means that a roof should be installed properly the first time around.

That is where the roofing contractor comes in.  It is their job to install a roof from start to finish, beginning with the choice of materials and ending with a roof that is both sound and weatherproof.  A roofing contractor can help the home owner sort through the thousands of material choices that are available on the market, ensuring that the appropriate materials are used. 

Some of the more common roofing materials are:

A roofing contractor can also provide and explain the procedures that are involved in installing a new roof.  And of course, they are the ones who ultimately do the dirty work of installation, leaving the home owner with the satisfaction of knowing they are protected from whatever threats the weather throws their way.


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