Resume Writing Services Athens GA

Looking for Resume Writing Services in Athens? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Athens that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Resume Writing Services in Athens.

Sean Cook, CPRW
(706) 363-0539
110 Lake St.
Athens, GA
Athens Career Center, Georgia Department of Labor
(706) 583-2550
150 Evelyn C. Neely Dr
Athens, GA
Classic City Resumes
(706) 622-5318
110 W. Huntington Road
Athens, GA
AK Counseling & Consulting, Inc.
(706) 613-5290
1 Huntington Road
Athens, GA
Educational Staffing
(706) 353-2794
272 W Hancock Ave
Athens, GA
Fonda Semerjian, CPRW
(770) 519-5362
608 Iris Lane
Winder, GA
Goodwill Of North Georgia
(706) 433-1900
10 Huntington Rd
Athens, GA
Communications Workers Of America Local 3203
(706) 543-4198
540 Oglethorpe Ave
Athens, GA
Iatse Local 824
(706) 549-8244
160 Madison St
Athens, GA
American Postal Worker'S Union
(706) 353-2888
480 N Thomas St
Athens, GA

Do you have any Resume Writing Tips?

A well-written resume is essential for most job searches. 

Since employers receive so many resumes for each job opening, your resume must stand out while remaining professional.  A good resume is one that clearly and succinctly lists your qualifications, skills, and experience ; effectively.

There are certain aspects of a resume that should be universal.  Your name and contact information is usually provided at the top of the page, but should be clear and easy to find and read no matter where it is.  With very few exceptions, effective resumes will include an education section , a work experience section , an applicable skills section , and references .  If you have been published, there should also be a section for publications on your resume.  Many people add an objective, but some experts feel that this can be too limiting.

Write your resume in as clear and concise a fashion as possible.  Skip the fancy fonts and brightly colored paper , as these can distract from the information on the resume.  Feel free to say how highly qualified you are, as long as you do not become repetitive.  Resumes should ideally be one page (sometimes not including references), which means that you have to conserve your words.  Speak highly of yourself, but never lie.  It is easy for employers to find out that you have lied on a resume or application.

Make sure that you list all skills and work experience that a...

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