Lizards Athens GA

Looking for Lizards in Athens? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Athens that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Lizards in Athens.

Pet Supplies Plus
(706) 353-0650
191 Alps Rd
Athens, GA
Petland Of Athens
(706) 425-9341
1720 Epps Bridge Rd
Athens, GA
Aquarium Outfitters & Fish Store
(706) 546-1337
175 Old Epps Bridge Rd
Athens, GA
Z Dog Bakery & Pet Supply
(706) 354-1804
2475 Jefferson Rd Ste 200
Athens, GA

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Kopp's Kritters
(706) 540-8127
Athens, GA
8am - 7 pm

Seaboard Farms of Athens Inc
(706) 353-2126
3700 Atlanta Hwy
Athens, GA
(706) 425-9341
1720 Epps Bridge Road
Athens, GA
Royal Pet Supplies
(706) 354-0262
766 Bob Holman Rd
Athens, GA
Z Dog Bakery & Pet Supply
(706) 354-1804
2475 Jefferson Rd
Athens, GA
L D Farm & Kennel
(706) 757-5293
3606 Sanford Rd
Nicholson, GA

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Are Lizards Good Pets?

Yes, lizards make good pets because of

their tiny size, availability, simplicity in handling, and ease in maintenance. However, before you decide to bring home a lizard for pet , be sure to conduct more research first so that you will not have difficulties in keeping the lizard .

The cost of caring for the lizard usually exceeds the cost of the lizard so be prepared also to spend a lot of cash.It is best to know the basics in lizard handling so that you know if you are capable of providing the appropriate care for your pet lizard . Better choose a pet that is easier to tame.
Also, decide what type of lizard you want to keep and the time span you wish to keep them. And, never forget to consider the size of the lizard since some lizards can grow up to six feet which in turn requires greater space and care.The following lizard species are considered best pet s for starters:'
• Leopard gecko
• Red Ackie
• Bearded dragon
• Crested Gecko
• Argentian Black and
White Tegu
On the other hand, the following lizard species are deemed as worst pet s for starters:
• Iguana
• Savannah Monitor
• Green Anole
• Chameleon
• Monitors
Alternatively, lizards are believed to carry the bacteria ‘salmonella’ hence you must know the strategies on how to reduce it by reading and researching regarding the risk of salmon...

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