Landscape Athens GA

Looking for information on Landscape in Athens? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Athens that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Landscape in Athens.

Classic Groundcovers
(706) 543-0145
Athens, GA
Evergreen Nursery Athens
(706) 548-7781
Athens, GA
Select Trees
(706) 769-9879
Athens, GA
Eastside Ornamentals
(706) 543-5500
Winterville, GA
Griffith Propagation Nursery
(706) 310-0027
Watkinsville, GA
Tree Introductions
(706) 769-1202
Athens, GA
Silvers-Elbert Hosta Nursery
(770) 483-0198
Athens, GA
Athens Wholesale Nursery
(706) 546-6638
Athens, GA
Georgia Floraculture 
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service 
Athens, GA
Plant Introductions
(706) 340-4100
Watkinsville, GA

What Is A Landscape?

A landscape is made up of all of the visible features of an area of land ,

including the physical elements of landforms, water bodies including rivers, lakes, and oceans, living components of land cover such as vegetation, human elements such as buildings and structures, as well as transition elements such as lighting and weather conditions.

Landscapes will combine both their natural physical elements as well as the cultural overlay of the human presence , and they are often created over many centuries. The landscape will reflect the living presence of people and place that are crucial to its local and national identity. The character and quality of the landscapes will also help to define the self image of a region, as well as what defines it from other regions. This is the dynamic tapestry where people live their lives.

A wide array of landscapes can be found throughout the globe , such as the icy landscapes of the polar regions, mountainous landscapes, island and coastal landscapes, densely forested and wooded landscapes including timber forests and rainforests, and agricultural landscapes in many different regions.

In general, a landscape may be described as the scenic view that you see when you look out over nature or a city.


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