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DVL Construction Enterprises, Inc.
(816) 924-0305
3611 Main St., Ste. 104
Kansas City, MO
Belveal Drywall & Painting Co.
(316) 409-8723
7132 S, Volutsia
Wichita, KS
Drywall Painting Ceilings
9 to 5
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Firebaugh Construction Inc
(913) 451-8599
9393 W 110th St Ste 120
Overland Park, KS
Drywall Systems Inc
(913) 397-8966
15350 S Keeler St
Olathe, KS
K-C Drywall Construction Inc
(913) 362-4414
1212 Merriam Ln
Kansas City, KS
Welco Manufacturing Company
(816) 471-1788
Welco Manufacturing Company
Kansas City, MO
Hedge Drywall
(620) 474-0698
416 Crescent Blvd
Hutchinson, KS
Eliminator Drywall Inc
(913) 814-8611
19880 Floyd St
Overland Park, KS
Health Gary Drywall Construction Inc
(913) 369-3364
PO Box 413
Tonganoxie, KS
Drywall Construction Inc
(785) 862-1550
1500 SW 41st St Ste 200
Topeka, KS

How Much Does Drywall Cost?

Drywall, also known as wall board, plaster board, sheetrock is a wide flat board of plaster or wood pulp

that is used to cover walls or partitions in a house.

One can be interested to install a new drywall or repairing the existing one. The following information will be very helpful in estimating the cost of drywall installation in a room: -
(1) Determine the type of drywall that you want to install (as the cost will vary accordingly) which in turn depends on the type of room and local building code. The 3 types of drywall are: Regular Drywall (for walls and ceiling), Water-resistant Drywall (for bathroom) and Fire Resistant Drywall (for wall between apartments).
(2) Measure the room carefully and subtract the areas of doors and windows where drywall is not needed.
(3) Find out the total number of drywall panels or board and multiply the number of panels with the cost of each panel in order to calculate the total cost. The cost will be around $40 per drywall panel for an average-size job of two or more rooms.
(4) Calculate the cost of installation accessories like nails, drywall tape and joint compound. One can ask the local home improvement store for price quote or use the online calculators at websites like www.bobvila.com, www.cgsnetwork.com , etc.
(5) Generally, cost of drywall per square foot for materials and labor is around $0.80-$1.20 and around $.60-$.90 for labor alone.

However, smaller jobs will be having higher cost as well ...

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How Much Is Drywall Installed?

If you have ever lived in an apartment or house, you

are familiar with drywall. This dry, chalk like material is surrounded on both sides with thick paper, and it is used in order to make the walls inside of your rooms.

Once it has been installed, finished, and primed, you are able to finish the walls with a variety of materials. Many people will simply paint the walls, but they also take well to wallpaper or even texture. Installing sheetrock is a relatively easy job for some comfortable with doing it themselves, but this job is not that expensive to hire out in order to make sure that it is done right. A sheet of drywall is approximately four feet by eight feet. For a standard installation and finishing job, expect to pay roughly $25 per sheet ($12.50 to hang and $12.50 to finish). For more complicated jobs such as an arched doorway or vaulted ceiling, expect to pay as much as $60 per sheet. This is in addition to the materials that are required for the job in most cases. The price of sheetrock will vary, but, generally speaking, expect to pay anywhere from $6 to $8 for a sheet of drywall.


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What is Drywall?

Most modern construction would not be complete without

the incorporation of drywall in ceilings and walls .  Also known as sheetrock or wallboard, drywall is a heavy duty construction material which is made up of gypsum or hardened plaster, which is sandwiched between large sections of paper.

Drywall is generally sold in large 4X8 foot panels, and it is offered in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 1/4 inch on up to 5/8 inch.  Drywall can be extremely heavy to lift, often requiring the use of a drywall lifter to hold the panel’s position during the fastening process.  Drywall is generally attached to the wall studs using either drywall screws or nails, with the seams being sealed with special drywall tape.  Drywall offers a very smooth surface, which can be either painted or given texture, as well as supporting wallpaper or paneling.


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