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Center Stage School Of Dance
(406) 755-0139
2306 Highway 2 E Kalispell
Kalispell, MT
Dream Dancers Dance Studio
700 Sunset Boulevard
Kalispell, MT
Carol Jakes-Owner
1411 1st Ave W
Kalispell, MT
Lapetit School Of Dance
207 7th St E
Columbia Fls, MT
Whitfish Dance & Acrobat Std
6475 US Highway 93 S
Whitefish, MT
Dance Art Ctr
1112 2nd Ave W
Kalispell, MT
Dream Dancers
1108 S Main St
Kalispell, MT
Center Stage School Of Dance
1966 Whalebone Dr
Kalispell, MT
University of the Nations Dance theater
P.O. Box 3000
Lakesdie, MT
Ashdance School Of Tap Ballet
2313 Houston Cir
Whitefish, MT

How to perform Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom Dancing

is an excellent way to enjoy music and have fun.

One can easily learn the various dancing techniques involved in Ballroom Dancing only by following the various steps involved in it with some practice and patience. The various steps that must be considered are: -
(1) Find a Ballroom Dancing place which can be either a private dance school or a local community education center.
(2) Wear a comfortable dress for Ballroom Dancing like Leotards, Jazz pants, long skirt, ballroom dancing shoes, etc.
(3) Select out the dancing rhythm.
(4) Pick a style of Ballroom Dancing and start practicing it. The most important step in Ballroom Dancing is the walking steps.
(5) Keep practicing for mastering the different walking steps.


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How to perform Belly Dancing?

Belly Dancing is a living art which originated

many centuries ago and since than it is entertaining the huge number of audiences.

Belly Dancing is a great exercise and an art which can be practiced by anybody and can become perfect with time and patience. The various steps which must be considered when performing the Belly Dance are: -
(1) Choose a dress that is stylish and modern yet comfortable.
(2) Purchase a CD of the music to learn the rhythm of the Belly Dance.
(3) Perform some warm up exercises to loosen your muscles.
(4) Make different types of movements of the body like rotating the head, or shoulders at a time, slide your ribcage without moving your hips, visualize your hands as snake, etc.
(5) Keeping one area of your body still while moving another is the key dancing technique utilized in Belly Dancing.
(6) Keep practicing for mastering the different body movements.


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