Custom Decks Mitchell SD

Looking for Custom Decks in Mitchell? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Mitchell that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Custom Decks in Mitchell.

Design Consulting Construction
(605) 996-4526
2420 W Havens Ave
Mitchell, SD
Klinger Construction
(605) 996-8795
300 Mccabe St
Mitchell, SD
Puetz Corporation
(605) 996-2276
800 N Kimball St
Mitchell, SD
Johnson Construction
(605) 770-2028
41050 257th St
Mitchell, SD
Custom 101 Construction
(605) 996-4189
1208 State Av
Mitchell, SD
Bussmus O L Construction Inc
(605) 996-4906
2600 N Main St
Mitchell, SD
O L Bussmus Construction Inc
(605) 996-6021
2165 N Davison St
Mitchell, SD
Industrial Process Technology Inc
(605) 995-5985
718 S Montana St
Mitchell, SD
Midwest Drywall
(605) 996-7794
620 W 14th Ave
Mitchell, SD
Sexton Construction
(605) 996-1368
1317 E 1st Ave
Mitchell, SD

How much do Custom Decks Cost?

Estimating the cost of custom decks is tricky. 

Probably because the term custom is not easy to define, but equally possible because there are just so many variables involved , including geographic location, materials, difficulty of shape/configuration, and many more.

A custom deck is likely to be one which is non-standard (i.e., rectangle or square shape).  It might have a few angles built in, or designed with multi-levels , or with a turning staircase , or special railings, or special structural supports may be needed.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for a custom deck is to contact a reputable contractor who will provide one free of charge. 

That said, we can perhaps come up with some per-square-foot estimates to help with budget planning.

For standard pressure-treated basic decks , the per-square-foot estimate obtained at , based on the following details, is approximately $15-$18 per square foot .

Description: 120 sq. ft.; Standard 5/4" pressure-treated wood; one level; 5-10 feet above ground; attached to house; no slopes involved; standard railings (32 ft.); no lighting.

Now, let's customize the same deck by changing the material to Redwood , adding a 2nd level , deluxe railings , and economy lighting .  Estimated cost jumps to $23-$28 per square foot .

Description: 120 sq. ft.; Redwood 5/4"; two level; 5-10 feet above ground; attached to house; no slopes involved; d...

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