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Aloha Flooring
(208) 424-8500
2505 S Federal Way
Boise, ID
Idaho Floor Supply
(208) 608-5064
1404 W. Idaho Street
Boise, ID
Esl Hardwood Floors
(208) 345-1133
2013 S Vista Ave
Boise, ID

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Cost Less Carpet
(208) 378-0279
5088 W Chinden Blvd
Boise, ID
Floor Styles
(208) 939-7400
9351 W State St
Boise, ID
L & J Carpet Service
(208) 343-1705
1612 Annett St
Boise, ID
Discount Carpets & Flooring
(208) 323-2422
108 N Curtis Rd
Boise, ID
A.T.R. Hardwood, Inc.
(866) 909-6508
5700 W Filly St
Boise, ID

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Nampa Floors & Interiors
(208) 376-6363
1276 S Maple Grove Rd
Boise, ID
Carpets West
(208) 362-2344
10820 Arabian Way
Boise, ID
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How Do I Install Carpet?

Carpet is often best installed by professionals, but

it can still look good if you take your time to install it correctly and properly.

Once the old carpet is removed, go ahead and remove the old tack strip around the room. More than likely, it is worn out as well, so let’s start over with new. Be sure to not install tack strips in front of doorways. It is best to leave about a half inch of space between the wall and the edge of the tack strip. They will need to be tightly fitted against each other in the corners.

For the underlay, lay it down in strips that lie next to each other, but do not over lap them. Once you have the floor covered, tack the material down with stapes of tacks, and put duct tape on all the seams.

To install the carpet, start with a strip of carpet that is longer than the room by four to six inches. If you need more than one strip of carpet to fill the room, make sure that the pile runs the same direction. Then, stretch the carpet across the tack strip, and then stretch the carpet down the room until you get to the other end, and then cut the other end to fit the room.


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How to Lay Carpet?

Carpet Laying is one of the easiest jobs which

can be done by any individual who has enough time and patience.

Carpets are available in different varieties depending on the amount or type of traffic on the floors like Carpet for home areas and Carpet for commercial areas. The Laying of Carpet can be done by following the various steps one-by-one. The various steps involved in it are: -
(1) Prepare the floor surface by proper sweeping or vacuuming the areas and remove any loose nails if present.
(2) Start installing the carpet pads long enough to reach the Tack Strips.
(3) Hold the edges of carpet using Tack Strips and staple any pad seams.
(4) Measure the size of the room and cut several inches of extra Carpet and trim the excess Carpet at last.
(5) Use Knee Kicker for hooking the Carpet onto Tackless Strip.
(6) Install the Gripper Edge at the door way to cover the exposed edge of the Carpet.


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