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South Dakota Department Of Labor - Mitchell Local Area
(605) 995-8060
1321 North Main
Mitchell, SD
Cornerstones Career Learning Center
(605) 995-8927
1315 N Main St Ste 102
Mitchell, SD
Complete Career Center
(605) 996-5554
407 N Main St
Mitchell, SD
One Stop Career Center
(605) 995-8060
1321 N Main St
Mitchell, SD
Terrence Crandall
(605) 665-7378
Yankton, SD
Practice Areas
Career Development, Childhood & Adolescence, School, Sports Counseling
National Certified Counselor

Career Connections
(605) 996-9891
1130 S Burr St Ste 300
Mitchell, SD
Avera Queen Of Peace Occupational Health Services
(605) 995-5701
525 N Foster St
Mitchell, SD
Avera Queen Of Peace Occupationalrapy
(605) 995-2239
525 N Foster St
Mitchell, SD
Joy Herreid Dawson
(605) 271-2796
6028 S. Canterbury Place
SIoux Falls, SD
Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Psychotherapy, Family Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessment, Career Assessment and Counseling
Ages Served
Adolescents (13-17 yrs.)
Adults (18-64 yrs.)
Older adults (65 yrs. or older)
Education Info
Doctoral Program: University of Minnesota
Credentialed Since: 1991-08-09

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William Briddick
(605) 688-5084
Brookings, SD
Practice Areas
Career Development, Clinical Mental Health, Counselor Education
National Certified Counselor

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What is a Career Assessment Test?

A career assessment test is a tool for determining

which career might be best for you.  Usually a fairly straightforward questionnaire, a career assessment test can help you to narrow down your career choices or determine which field you might enjoy going into.  The questions on a career assessment test identify what your areas of interest, talents, and strengths are, and which career field these correspond to.

Career assessment tests are often taking by students finishing high school or college, and looking for some direction as to what they might enjoy doing with their life.  They are also taken by people considering a career change, or by anyone curious about what the results might show.  Some career assessment tests are automated, while others have a career counselor or someone else follow up with you after you take it.

You may also hear of a career aptitude test .  The aptitude test is a little different in that it takes more into consideration your cognitive abilities rather than simply taking your likes, dislikes and character trends.


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