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Andrews- Giana M
(417) 326-2636
930 S Springfield Ave
Bolivar, MO
American Family Insurance
(417) 326-2454
3361 South Springfield Avenue
Bolivar, MO
Shelter Insurance
(417) 646-3216
103 North Ohio Street
Humansville, MO
Karla A Woods Ins Agcy Inc - State Farm Insurance Agent
(417) 345-7221
1336 South Ash Suite 100
Buffalo, MO
American Family Insurance
(417) 345-4040
102 East Commercial Street
Buffalo, MO
Cossette- Collin - State Farm Insurance Agent
(471) 326-5825
720 West Broadway Street
Bolivar, MO
Barker Progressive Insurers
(417) 326-3140
213 S Springfield
Bolivar, MO
Nina Hughs Shelter Insurance
(417) 754-2788
103 North Ohio Street
Humansville, MO
Woods- Karla A
(417) 345-7221
1336 S Ash St
Buffalo, MO
Allstate Auto Insurance
(888) 355-7971
208 N Central Ave
Eureka, MO
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Why do I need auto insurance?

It’s the law .  Do you know the laws

in your state?  Nearly all states require that drivers carry a minimum amount of auto liability insurance.

Actually, Tennessee is the only state in the country with no compulsory minimum automobile insurance guideline.  They require simply that proof of financial responsibility be in the vehicle at all times—but financial responsibility doesn't have to be insurance coverage.   State minimum auto insurance liability coverage is generally quite low which, for most, means it’s very affordable.  There’s really no excuse not to have it, and why wouldn’t you?  When you consider the degree of seriousness of many of the nation’s auto accidents, the costs of treating injured people from these events can be staggering.  Even a short stay in a hospital without surgeries and advanced procedures can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.   With the minimum amounts of liability coverage as low as $10,000 (for bodily injury to a single person) in states like Louisiana, and Florida—these amounts are hardly adequate. 

Besides your home state requiring you to carry it, you need auto insurance to make sure that if you cause an accident, you can afford to pay for the damage you caused.  In addition to the basic liability coverage , you also may want to include Comprehensive (Comp) and Collision —coverages that ensure you can replace or repair your vehicle in the event it’s damaged.  Although states don’t require Comp & Collision—the bank that loaned you the money to buy that shiny new car probably will.  With a new car and a whopping loan to go along with it—you won’t want to be out a vehicle when it’s wrecked and still be responsible for making a payment on a worthless pile of scrap metal in the junk yard.
So there are really 3 main reasons you need auto insurance:
1. It’s the law in most states.   Hefty fines, loss of your license and even jail time can result if you’re caught without auto insurance.
2. You’ll set yourself on a clear path to bankruptcy without coverage if your unintentional actions behind the wheel cause injury or death to another human being.  Causing property damage with your vehicle could also land you in the poor house if you don’t carry auto insurance. 
3. Y...

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