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Rob Matysiak
Matysiak Construction
46 W Wellington Mews
Smyrna, DE
Dover Handyman
1153 Woodstock Lane
Dover, DE
VP Home Services
302 674- 1960
63 Liberto Lane
Dover, DE
Green Design Consulting
1550 Wescoats Corner & Savannah Road
Lewes, DE

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Anthony Pisano
American Cabinet Refinishing
404 - B Harvey Drive
Newport, DE
Bill Stoll
RPJ Waste Services, Inc.
453 Pier Head Blvd.
Smyrna, DE
Sears Home Services

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Sears Home Services
Milford, DE

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Mother Nature Cleaning Service
29460 Glenwood Drive
Millsboro, DE

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Greg Martin
Henlopen Water Heater Service
33535 Aster Street
Lewes, DE
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How Much Attic Ventilation Is Required?

It is critical to ensure that you home’s attic

has the proper amount of ventilation. As well all know, during the summer months, the huge amount of heat that builds up during the day can drastically increase your home’s cooling costs.

Additionally, another problem is when moisture moves into the attic from the home that cannot properly vent. This can cause the moisture to condense and led to the breakdown of your insulation and other construction materials. The main reasons for ensuring the proper amount of ventilation is for temperature and moisture control.

During a hot summer day, even though it may only reach 95 degrees outside, if can easily reach temperatures of 150 or more in your attic. If you have poor ceiling insulation, this can account for as much as thirty percent of your air conditioning bill. Even with good insulation, this can account for ten to fifteen percent of your cooling bill. In the winter, attic insulation must be sufficient to remove water vapor from the living space into the attic.

In order to calculate the ventilation that is needed, calculate the volume of space and divide this by two. (H ∗ W ∗L)/2. This insulation may be accomplished by using gravity ventilators, wind assisted ventilators, or power ventilators.


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