Apartment Loan Bangor ME

Looking for information on Apartment Loan in Bangor? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Bangor that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Apartment Loan in Bangor.

Dedicated Mortgage Associates LLC
(207) 945-0100
277 State Street Suite-3B
Bangor, ME
Bangor Savings Bank
(207) 942-5211
19 Maine Avenue
Bangor, ME
Patterson Associates
(207) 945-9300
96 Harlow Street
Bangor, ME
Downeast Capital
(207) 990-0996
23 Water Street Suite 202
Bangor, ME
Bank of America - Stillwater Ave
(800) 432-1000
765 Stillwater Ave
Bangor, ME
Banking Center
Banking Center Services: Commercial Deposits, Night Deposits
Indoor ATM Services: Open 24 Hours, Talking ATM, Braille, Accepts Deposits, Multi-Check Deposit, Deposit Image
English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, Russian, Portuguese
Office Hours
Monday 9-4
Tuesday 9-4
Wednesday 9-4
Thursday 9-4
Friday 9-4
Saturday 9-12
Sunday Closed

First Horizon Home Loan Corporation
(207) 941-1700
1 Merchants Plz Ste 400
Bangor, ME
Cuso Mortgage Corp
(207) 862-2876
101 Western Avenue
Hampden, ME
Wells Fargo Financial
(207) 942-3775
11 Bangor Mall Blvd Ste B
Bangor, ME
Bangor Federal Credit Union
(207) 947-0374
339 Hogan Rd
Bangor, ME
Maine Home Mortgage
(207) 942-8378
128 Hammond Street
Bangor, ME

What is an Apartment Loan?

Most people are familiar with home loans , since

most homeowners needed to borrow money in order to purchase their home.  Another type of real estate loan that is not as common is an apartment loan .  This is a loan that is used by real estate investors or property management firms to buy units in an apartment complex.

When someone uses an apartment loan to buy apartment units or condos , he or she typically rents out as many units as possible, using the rent to both pay back the loan and make money from the rental. The owner hopes that the value of the units will increase so that he or she is able to make a profit from the investment as well as collecting the monthly rent.

Apartment loans are often confused with mortgages , but the two have several large differences.  Mortgages are used to pay for both the home and the land upon which the home is built.  Apartment loans are strictly for the living units .  Someone who owns several units in a building does not own the land, but simply the units.  These units can then be rented out to tenants .


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