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Charles H. Roeder
(920) 887-9347
125 Dodge Dr
Beaver Dam, WI
Gary A. Bacon
W7619 Danielle Dr
Beaver Dam, WI
Timothy J. Anderson
223 Forest St
Fox Lake, WI
Stephen S. Baus
346 N Water St
Columbus, WI
Patrick D. Schultz
(920) 324-3545
W7185 Highway 49
Waupun, WI
Daniel C. Bartelt
811 Beaver St
Beaver Dam, WI
Craig C. Bayer
109 Roedl Ct
Beaver Dam, WI
Eric T. Barrows
286 Niehoff Dr
Fall River, WI
Carol A. Valley
(920) 623-4905
635 Park Ave
Columbus, WI
Steven P. Bachhuber
30A N Cty Trk Y
Mayville, WI

Should I hire an Accountant to keep track of our books?

This answer will be different for everyone depending

on the level of knowledge one has with regards to Accounting practices .  Personally, I know very little about accounting and basic ledgering.  Though a business model maybe very simple I would still require outsourced help from a seasoned Accountant.

Those of you that minored in Accounting may consider small business Accounting quite elementary and depending on the complexity of your operations and company ownership things may be different.

A one person owned company with predictable expenses and revenues through a handful of vendors could be a simple enough task for the owner to take on.  A multi-owned up-and-down revenue and expense company could be a more difficult task.

I don't feel the amount of revenue should be a factor unless your seeking accounting help to find ways to save on taxes.  In certain instances Accountants can find ways to help you save on taxes.  I'd stay away from the Accountant that mentions offshore accounts but there are quite a few legitimate ways to save if you follow the rules.

Another questions you should ask yourself is, "If I can afford the Accountant service fees would I be able to spend more time doing revenue producing activities rather than Accounting activities that earn the company $0" .  Often times hiring or outsourcing your Accounting will pay for itself, especially if an individual that was previously...

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